TERNA S.A. commits:
  • To comply with the applicable legal and other requirements, relevant to its activities.
  • To meet regulatory requirements, procedures and policies in regards to Road Traffic Safety.
  • For the continuous monitoring, as well as for the timely & adequate information of the involved staff around Road Traffic Safety issues.
  • To ensure the necessary resources for the operation of the Road Traffic Safety Management System (RTSMS).
  • For the selection of drivers and associates, properly trained, who meet all the requirements set by the company and the legislation.
  • For the continuous training and development of human resources in Road Traffic Safety issues.
  • For the use of appropriate, reliable, certified and modern equipment.
  • To recognize the risks and minimize their consequences to all its employees, taking appropriate precautionary measures.
  • To continually improve the suitability of Road Traffic Safety Management System (RTSMS).