Standard Social Accountability SA 8000:2014

The management of the company defines the Social Accountability Policy, which includes the following directions:
  • Compliance with legislation.
  • Commitment to comply with the requirements of standard SA 8000:2014, specifically regarding the protection of human and labor rights, including its personnel, suppliers, and subcontractors, in terms of:
    • The Protection of workers and prevention of occupational accidents.
    • The Prohibition of child labor, forced labor, harassment, and discrimination in employment.
    • The Promotion of equal opportunities and meritocracy.
    • The Compliance with legislation regarding working hours and overtime work.
  • Informing relevant authorities and interested parties about the Social Accountability Policy.
  • Provision of necessary resources and means using modern equipment and appropriate personal protection equipment, continuous information, education, and awareness of personnel.
  • Process control to ensure continuous improvement of the Social Accountability System.
  • Respecting the principles and rules of competition and avoidance of practices distorting and hindering economic and social development.
  • Support for the right of workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Respect for employees' right to a decent standard of living. The company ensures that every employee is remunerated according to the law.
The company maintains continuous communication with Social Partners, in feedback of information, recognition, and approach to common expectations and goals.
  • Its commitments are:
    • The Prevention of violation of the human and labor rights of its personnel.
    • The Promotion of a healthy and safe working environment.

The company sets objective goals and objectives for social accountability, which are measurable and achievable. The goals and objectives are evaluated for their effectiveness.