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Thessaloniki City Hall and underground car parking station

The project is located in the centre of Thessaloniki in an area of 14.588 m2. The building includes three underground car parking storeys of 33. 270 m2 total area and 851 parking spaces. The above ground building includes administrative offices of an area of 9.400 m2 , the mayor's offices and the local autorities of 2.700 m2, a multi-use Hall of 660 m2, a board room of 550 m2, the Main entrance and a foyer of 1000 m2, and a day nursery of 250 m2.

In order for the underground storeys to be constructed and any geotechnical problems to be addressed, a concrete diaphragmatic 60cm side wall with anchorage was constructed in situ cast. The average depth of the diaphragmatic wall from the natural ground level is 16 m. The whole retaining syrface at a fully open excavation was 7500 m2. The underground water of relatively low flow was deal with by lowering the underground water level below the foundation level constructing pumping pits.

The building is founded on a 1.20m wide concrete slab. The building was constructed with reinforced concrete.

* In joint venture