Buildings Restoration-Maintenance
The building where the Stock Exchange used to be housed in was built in 1881 and constitutes a rare Athenian monument, in that it is both architecturally and artistically (decorative paintings, etc.) unique.

As a result of its many uses, it suffered a lot of damages, the most important being the complete over cover of the decorative paintings with a whitish color.

The main works performed on the project are the following:

1. Restoration of the wooden roof (restoration of rafter bearings)
2. Construction of reinforced cement rings in circumference on the masonry crest
3. Deposition of outer coatings and construction of new fiber- reinforced on grid
4. Application of coatings
5. Restoration of the inner decorative paintings (on ceiling and walls)
6. Basement excavation.

It should be pointed out that all the necessary materials that were used for the completion of the project have been identical to the original ones, e.g. concrete tiles, Byzantine roof tiles of specific dimensions, wooden frames and wooden spiral staircase.