Cultural Centers
Construction of a new building, 8.200 sq.m. total surface, on the site where the Badminton stadium was located, maintaining only the roof and exterior facades. Badminton Theater, at Goudi Military Park, is the largest theater stage in Greece, comprising of a stage with an area of 500 sq.m, 17m height, 30m width, 18m depth, with a uniquely formed area for the hosting of an orchestra and an inclined level for spectators seats, 2400 seats in total.

Badminton Theater is equipped with sophisticated theatrical devices (props, effects, lighting, screens, sound installations, etc.), while apart from purely artistic activities, the newly constructed facilities can accommodate various events such as conferences, seminars, international exhibitions and social events. This high – end construction was finished in less than 6 months and also included the construction of the a two (2) level theater foyer, fully equipped dressing rooms, dance hall, offices areas for personnel & management, green room, press conference room, storage areas for scenery and theatrical equipment, wc etc.