The Egaleo-Haidari extension constitutes section of Line 3 Extension, which extends, westwards from Egaleo Station to Haidari Station, approximately 1,418 kilometer long, subsequently, southwards reaching Piraeus.

The works included:
  • Haidari Station, constructed by the cut - and - cover method
  • A 1,31km long tunnel, which is, initially, a triple- track tunnel, followed by a transitional tunnel section having a cross section between a double and a triple track, followed by a double- track section ending at the new terminal shaft, which constitutes the end of the Project.
  • Two ventilation shafts, one between Alsos Shaft (terminal shaft of the Monastiraki- Egaleo extension currently under construction) and Haidari Station (Iroon Polytechniou Shaft) and another one ( Venizelou Shaft) approximately 110m before the end of the temporary Forestation. At the end of the extension, another round shaft was constructed - small diameter emergency exit (terminal shaft).
the project also included:
  • The Eleonas Depot which was constructed in an area of some 86,000 m2 at the Aghios Savvas site in Eleonas region and includes an underground stabling trains area for 14 trains (within some 26,500 m2 ), a maintenance and minor repair building (capacity of 6 trains) and other service buildings. It also included the structure provisions for the future construction of the Main Inter- City Bus Terminus of Attica, which stands over the depot underground section.
  • A Transfer Station, within the same building block, BB 750 or 128 in the Aghia Varvara Municipality. It is a five- floor car park with a ground floor, a basement and three floors with a total parking capacity of 383 parking spaces.